Barnabas Financial Ministry

Encouraging & Empowering People
Toward Financial Freedom

Barnabas Financial Ministries Seminars & Workshops

Our live seminars and workshops teach biblical principles and practical applications to provide help, hope, and healing to a hurting world. These topics and principles assist pastors and church leaders in educating their congregation, amplifying current stewardship and money management, and help train people in solid financial principles and practical solutions.

Listen to our Radio Programs

Hear episodes of our Keys to Financial Freedom radio programs. Each two-minute segment contains excerpts of one of our financial seminars, offering key elements to being God's faithful servant and steward.

As we learn and apply God's biblical principles to our finances, we are then set free to be used of Him to have stronger marriages and families, help the hurting and reach the lost. Together, we can experience victory in both prosperous and difficult times. Together, we can know, experience and enjoy God's true financial freedom.

Church Annual Program

We provide local churches with a structured, comprehensive and high accountability program to insure God’s biblical principles of finances are taught and encouraged on an on-going basis. People are educated and trained in all areas of financial management and lay-counselors are equipped to counsel those requesting help. Outreach into your community will grow as people experience truth, benevolence and “real” answers to life’s issues. We work closely with church leadership team to accomplish their goals for the entire church population.

Looking for Answers to your financial questions?

Schedule a “Getting Your Financial House in Order” seminar


David & Debbie Bragonier created this live church-wide seminar based on their book, Getting Your Financial House in Order published by Broadman and Holman. It is designed to give churches flexibility in topics and presentation. The seminar teaches the biblical principles needed for financial freedom and uses the "word picture" of building a house to illustrate them.

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"Every couple we've ever encountered - no matter how much they make - has money squabbles. It is the number one source of conflict in marriage, period! Whether you're newlyweds or seasoned veterans, Dave and Debbie Bragonier offer expert guidance for helping you balance your love ledger as well as your books. Immensely practical and biblically sound, Getting Your Financial House In Order is for every married couple."

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott
Seattle Pacific University
Authors of When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages

“David and Debbie are extremely well qualified to offer practical and encouraging advice in this area. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone interested in getting their financial house in order."

Ron Blue
Ron Blue & Co., LLC


Barnabas Financial Ministry is a Christian organization dedicated to encouraging people toward financial freedom through biblical principles. We serve the church community by communicating Biblical truths which lead to true, personal, financial freedom. Our programs deliver hope and encouragement that leads people out of financial bondage, setting them free to give their time and resources to God's work.